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Hi guys!! 


A lot of you are probably wondering what exactly Shop KarlieRae is and why I started it! 

I started a fashion blog, back in the summer of 2014. What started out as a little hobby, turned into a passion and a lifestyle. I began looking for clothing that not only I would love, but my readers would also. Though not all of you have found this shop because of my blog, I aim to provide a place that my readers, and now also customers, can go to and find clothing that makes them feel good and comfortable, without spending a fortune. The clothing I choose represents me, my style, and are pieces I wear myself. My hopes are that no matter your style, age, location, these pieces make you feel amazing and look amazing. 

I owe so many thanks to my friends, family, my husband Alec, my readers who gave me the courage to start this, and to you now for being here, reading this, and supporting my shop! Please feel free to reach out or contact me at anytime, I love you guys & love hearing from you!